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Caslte Electric came to us for a full rebrand, aiming to improve their messaging and reimagine their visual identity to better connect with potential clients. Our work included a fully redesigned website, improved SEO and a new responsive logo for the company. The final designs use a dark blue with vibrant orange accent to help stand out from traditional electric companies and give the company a more clean and modern feel.

Website Mockup


By pairing Lora, a text typeface with moderate contrast well suited for body text with Open Sans for headings we are able to strike a balance of professionalism and modern.

Castle Electricalal website collage

The Logo

The primary goal was to update their previous logo. By keeping the same fonts it helped us to focus on the caslte icon. We utilized the tower and used the negative space to place a lightbulb to marry the two shapes. The final outcome gives us a logo that informative and scalable.

Castle Electricalal logos

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